Portrait of a Waiting Pig
A small character is waiting for a great, life changing, event that he is certain will come to him through no effort of his own.

As he waits for his tantalising destiny to be fulfilled, life continues around him - a life that he feels is not "up to scratch" compared to the incredible experiences that are just around the corner.

Is "it" ever going to happen for him? How will he know when it does? Has he experienced it already and completely missed it?

These questions are visited through a series of wryly narrated, intricately illustrated vignettes in this darkly humorous cautionary tale from award-winning filmmaker Andy Conlan.
Written and illustrated by Andy Conlan (as A. Patrick Conlan)
Published by Gracewood Hollows Books
32 Pages, Black and White
Hardcover 235mm x 285mm
ISBN 978-0986-454-29